Lady, in the country of my coming
there will be lush peaches
ripe on ev’ry tree.
Ev’ry little cloud will glide
clear as a magic lantern slide.
The golden serpent sun will throw
his body like a light lasso
about the heart of each dark centre,
to fashion flowers of strange splendour.
You will fill your panier, lass,
with blooms like ornamental glass
You will hear their Christmas chime
all the glorious summertime.

Colleen Thibaudeau, 1950

Composer John Beckwith set music to “Serenade” and entered it in the 1950 CBC Songwriting Contest. It won a prize and was performed on CBC Radio by Charles Jordan (baritone). “Serenade” was performed by Russell Braun (baritone) at the John Beckwith Songbook concert in March 2021.

Pamela Terry Beckwith, John Beckwith, and Colleen Thibaudeau (1960)

( ( 0 ) ) In this audio clip, soprano Katy Clark performs “Serenade” at Wordsfest November 5, 2023 in London, Ontario.